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About Us

Meet the Founders,

Erin & Bob Walloch

Erin & Bob met at work while in college. Erin was working her shift at the front desk of a senior apartment building on Bob's first day. She showed him the ropes and that afternoon, as their paths converged, a partnership started.


Erin was at St. Catherine’s University majoring in education and women’s studies while Bob was at the University of Minnesota in the engineering world which led to a math degree and a background in actuarial analytics, forecasting, and modeling.


They have worked together in a myriad of jobs over the years and in January 2023, made the decision to take on another adventure and start CannaJoyMN! 


Our Values 

What makes us different than other seed banks and hemp stores?



We are an antiracist company that strives for equity. We will confront biases, change our policies, acknowledge painful histories, and hold ourselves accountable. 


Grow Together

Check your egos at the door because we believe in teamwork in both our team and community! We give trusted advice to growers and cannabis lovers of all levels.

When we grow together, we can collaborate, learn, and become better! 

Marijuana fosters connection!

By growing seeds, we connect to a larger national and international community!


Selling QUALITY seeds and Minnesota Hemp Products

We've partnered with the best of the best in the state for our hemp derived products!

As our seed bank grows, you'll notice we only source pristine seeds that yield an outstanding harvest. 



We strive to find joy in everyday experience with those we work with, the people we serve, and the products we carry!

Upcoming Events


Our Mom-And-Pop Shop focuses on providing premium seeds to MN home growers as they legally start their home grow journeys in 2023. We also provide MN-made hemp products from amazing businesses throughout the state. We want to highlight them and their products for people to experience and enjoy. We want to spread joy!  

We both enjoy art, creating and craftsmanship. Erin loves knitting and painting using acrylics on canvas using color and joy for inspiration and Bob enjoys turning wooden bowls on his lathe. We turned our focus, passion, and joy for art into a business in 2022 called Creative Joy. We want to share our love of creativity, art, and joy with others.

-Erin, Bob & the CannaJoyMN Team

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